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Our Modern Farmhouse Kitchen: The Reveal!

September 24, 2015

You can look at the “before” picture and see why I didn’t want to buy our house.

While there were many reasons, including an overgrown yard, pastel 1950s tile in every bathroom, and some of the worst wallpaper you’ve ever seen, the kitchen was the main reason. I even thought about entering it in the “America’s Ugliest Kitchen” contest on the DIY network, on many occasions.

It still has a long way to go, but now, more than 5 years after we purchased the house, I’m finally feeling proud of our house and how far it has come. We have always envisioned a “modern farmhouse” style kitchen in this relatively small space. Something both classic and on-trend.

Our budget was $20,000 (which we exceeded by a small amount – not too surprising, since we ended up going a bit over-the-top on certain fixtures and appliances).

The renovation project took about 3 weeks, and was a complete gut job. Here were the steps our contractor completed, in a nutshell:

  • A complete re-wiring of all the electricity in the kitchen
  • New lighting installation including recessed lighting, ceiling fan, under-cabinet lights, and a pendant above the sink
  • Relocating the sink to another wall (so it could be next to the window), and installing a gas line so we could switch to an electric range
  • Installing all new cabinetry, including a full-length pantry (one of the things I’m most excited about!)
  • Installing new granite countertops
  • Installing new ceramic tile flooring and subway tile backsplash and an accent tile “stripe”

We are still unpacking and getting settled back in after living out of boxes for 3 weeks (thank goodness for microwaves). But we are still so giddy about this major upgrade, which feels like we’ve waited forever for.

Even 4-year-old Lucie is so excited!

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