2016: My Summer of Love

May 26, 2016

Last day of work last day of pre-k


I’ve heard that once you write down a goal, you’re much more likely to follow through. The closest thing I keep to my own journal (besides this blog) is the one I have been writing in for my daughter, Lucie, since before she was born.

So, a month ago, I opened up her journal and I wrote this.

I can’t work full-time anymore. Well, with your dad and I both working full-time, with demanding careers, it just isn’t working. Something has to give. And we certainly don’t want it to be you who falls to the wayside. So in a few weeks, I will put in my notice at work. I will take the whole summer off with you. We’ll do so many fun things together. Then when you start Kindergarten, I will try to find work freelancing or working from home.

It’s scary stuff, making that leap…but I’ve talked it over (and over and over) with your dad and close friends and family, and everyone seems to agree that it’s the right move. So we are just going to trust God on this one, and in the meantime, enjoy our awesome summer together!

Love, Mom

Somehow, there was no turning back after that moment. Today was my last day of work, and Lucie’s last day of Pre-K. I am the crazy person who left their job with nothing else lined up. But, something tells me I won’t regret it.

I’ll use my newly found freedom to blog more regularly (hey, I wrote that down, so now I have to do it!)

In the meantime, please give me ALL of your ideas for entertaining a rambunctious 4-year-old.

And, um, if you’re ever looking for a freelance writer, let me know?

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