About Us

Everyone’s got a bucket list. But sometimes, the very best experiences are right within reach. Our aim is to make the most of each day, finding new adventures for our family of 3 (and sometimes, just the 2 of us) in and around Atlanta.

We’re Christie, Ken, and Lucie Nichols.

Here are ten things about us.

  1. We’re Atlanta natives (i.e., mythical unicorns).
  2. We live just inside the perimeter, in Northeast Atlanta.
  3. We were married in Jamaica, in 2009.
  4. We have one dog, Axel (a border collie mix). He just turned 5, and he’s the absolute BEST.
  5. We also have 2 cats, Catface and Gremlin. They’re jerks.
  6. Lucie is about to turn 4 and is currently obsessed with drawing (mostly on herself, other people, or the wall), sweets of all kinds, and Spiderman.
  7. A lot of our down time is devoted to fixing up our “starter home,” a 1957 split level that we purchased in 2010. It’s a labor of love!
  8. Our neighbors used to call our house the “meth house” before we moved in, because it was ugly and had been vacant for a long time. Only one of those things has changed…
  9. Ken is an accountant, and Christie works in digital marketing (content strategy). Neither of us really understands what the other does for a living.
  10. We are both full-time, working parents, so it’s super important to us that we get the most out of every weekend together!

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